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Scope of work

The main activity of RAVEL Ltd. is the design of electrical power plants for the needs of the power industry, industry, water management, construction and transport and communications.
  • Studies and surveys such as feasibility studies, location selection studies, optimum network connection study
  • Preliminary solution
  • Preliminary design
  • Basic design
  • Detailed design
  • Expertise, reports and revisions
  • Technical specifications and tender documentation
  • As built documentation
  • Construction supervision
  • Construction organization
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Program
  • Commissioning programs
  • Documentation for maintenance, repairs and operation of the substation
  • Conducting construction of buildings
About us


The company RAVEL Ltd. was founded in 1990 and is still in constant development and business growth. Each of the employees, apart from the excellent knowledge of electric power system, is a specialist in some of the narrower areas, so RAVEL Ltd. has become a company that can, apart from making classic designs, solve any specific, non-standard electric power issues.




Books: Velimir Ravlić: Tubular busbars in high voltage substations, Kigen and Ravel, 2006, Zagreb
Books: Velimir Ravlić: Užetne sabirnice u visokonaponskim postrojenjima 1. dio, Školska knjiga i Ravel, 2018, Zagreb
Books: Velimir Ravlić: Užetne sabirnice u visokonaponskim postrojenjima 2. dio, Školska knjiga i Ravel, 2018, Zagreb

1. Electric power production

  • Hydro power plants
  • Thermal power plant
  • Thermal power plant - heating plant
  • Small hydroelectric power plants
  • Wind power plant

2. Electric power transmission

  • High voltage substations all over Croatia and world (TAILAND, ALBANIA, AUSTRIA, EGYPT, JORDAN, SAUDI ARABIA)

3. Specific industrial plants

  • High voltage laboratory KONČAR D&ST Inc.
  • High voltage laboratory ELKA Ltd.
  • ABS Sisak Ltd.
  • Plamen Požega Ltd.
  • Oil refinery Sisak
  • Oil refinery Rijeka

4. Traffic and communications

  • Electric power substations for Hrvatske autoceste Ltd.
  • Electric power substations for Hrvatse ceste Ltd.
  • Electric power substations for Zagreb Airport Inc.
  • Electric power substations for Bina - Istria Inc.

5. Electric power distribution

  • Middle and low voltage substations and 110 kV ripple control signal for distribution network
  • TS 110/x kV;
  • TS 35/10(20) kV;
  • TS 10(20)/0,4 kV.
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1. Electric power production


2. Electric power transmission


3. Electric power distribution


4. Industry

Petroleum and chemical industry

Industrial plant


5. Traffic and communications